VMWORLD2020, the largest annual event of our technology partner - VMWARE!

Vmware is a global cloud computing, virtualization software and services provider. Our company as solution provider partner has many years’ experience based on virtualization technology. The VMWORLD 2020 conference was held on September 29 - October 1. The participants listened to lectures and presentations, took part in many workshops as well as business and technical trainings. For the first time the event was placed online, so it had an almost unlimited number of participants.

Over 800 sessions concerned on a range of new products, services and technological partnerships. These included ready-made solutions for digital workplaces, an extended portfolio of Tanz or innovations in cloud environment management. Moreover, VMware and NVIDIA announced a strategic partnership to accelerate AI deployment in companies. The new Data Center architecture, cloud and edge device architectures will use NVIDIA® DPUs to support existing and next generation applications.

VMware also announced the Monterey Project to initiate a new approach to data center architecture, edge infrastructure and the cloud. All this to meet the challenges of next generation applications, including artificial intelligence, machine learning and 5G. To deliver these solutions, VMware has redefined its partnership not only with NVIDIA, but also with vendors such as Intel, Pensando Systems, Dell Technologies, Lenovo and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

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