VMware EMPOWER Online 2021 conference - summary

Vmware EMPOWER Online 2021 has just ended. During the 3 day online event, we witnessed an integration of VMware partners from all over the world. The event allowed us to talk to the representatives of different markets: EMEA, APJ and Americas. It also let us posess priceless knowledge and share our experience in terms of technology and market trends.

The event consisted of 175 technical and marketing sessions. Every session gave us a possibility to talk to specialists of various branches and sink into marketing, sales and technical topics. Vmware EMPOWER Online 2021 also gave us much more. Partners such as Intel and Oracle organised many interesting meetings, for example: Full Metal Cloud: Delighting VMware Customers in the Cloud. Another interesting part of the event was Keren Elazari – k3r3n3 lecture, which introduced us to many useful informations in terms of cybersecurity. During the Intrinsic Security session, many meetings also brought up this topic. One of the presentations gave us a chance to discover VMware solutions under the name of VMware Security Strategy: Security Solutions thatInterconnect. Those solutions are compatible with all the tools which are available for the clients. During the recent pandemic Anyhere Workspace sessions bacame very popular. They provided information on how VMware solutions allow to maintain the highest cybersecurity level when working remotely and how they make it possible to work from every part of the world without losing the quality of services.

Thanks to the sessions, technical conversations and many practical avice, as participants and partners we could test VMware solutions before implementing them for our customers. Hands-on-Lab gave us practical knowledge of providing service of the highest quality.

Although everyone was missing the real life networking, we are glad the we could take part in remote sessions and broaden our knowledge. We wait for the next events impatiently because they let us strengthen our skills. 


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