New CTO in IT Solution Factor team - Mikołaj Wiśniak

As of 1st of April, Mikołaj Wiśniak has become the new Chief Technology Officer in our company. In his new position he will lead our engineering departments Security & Business Continuity and IT Integration. He will be responsible for managing and developing the best of breed cyber, networking and IT integration technology portfolio of IT Solution Factor, cultivating the tech infrastructure and engineering teams for best services and growth in the coming years.

Mikołaj has extensive experience in leading technical teams. He has been working for the VMware corporation as head of the sales support engineering team - Central Europe region since 2017. He started at VMware as a senior sales support engineer in 2014. During this time, he focused on the adoption of advanced infrastructure virtualization solutions in the largest customers in Poland and the region. Prior to his career at VMware he led IT systems development in the automotive industry in Germany and Russia. For several years he held various positions in IT systems management and architecture, he often was a presenter at industry conferences and is an author of numerous publications in IT press and websites.

He is a graduate of the University of Technology in Szczecin, specializing in computer networks.

Since the beginning of our company we have been investing heavily in the development of this vendor's competence. We have been achieving the highest partner status Vmware Principal Solution Provider since 2018. We firmly believe that such an experienced new person in company's management team confirms the company's consistent strategy in implementing innovative solutions for digital transformation.

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