Mikołaj Wiśniak took a role of Vice President in IT Solution Factor

From July 1st Mikołaj Wiśniak has become a Vice President of IT Solution Factor and from now on he will be a member of Management Board alongside Kacper Konopiński – CEO and Przemysław Panasik – Vice President.

Until now, Mikołaj as Chief Technology Officer was responsible for Security & Networking and IT Integration. These units work on developing architecture of the projects, implementation and providing advanced solutions.

He started his career as a graduate of Zachodniopomorski Technical University in Szczecin on computer networks specialization. During the years, he took different roles in management and IT systems architecture and managed development of IT systems in automotive markets in Germany and Russia. In 2014 he joined VMware as a senior sales support engineer  and 3 years later became a director of sales support engineers team for Central Europe region. Mikołaj is also an author of numerous publications in IT press and internet portals. He also took a role of a presenter during various IT conferences.

The new Vice President will be responsible for choosing a path of technological development, strategic consulting, IT projects and cybersecurity. He will also lead and Internal IT Unit to ensure business continuity.

Our company has been in a phase of an intensive development and growth for the past few years. We ale willing to strengthen our position of an experienced and highly competent partner for clients and business partners. I am sure that Mikołaj’s huge experience which already had an impact on ITSF’s development in terms of technology will now contribute to reaching our strategic goals for the future as he takes a new role in Management Board – says Kacper Konopiński, IT Solution Factor CEO.

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