ITSF once again on the podium in Computerworld TOP 200 rating

Our company has dynamically grown and developed in many technological areas for four years straight. We have broaden our services portfolio not only in Poland but also in Europe. In this year’s Computerworld „TOP200”, our company achieved a high standing among 395 Polish IT companies thanks to our annual growth dynamics reaching 39%.

According to the published results, we kept 4th positiAccording to the published results, we kept 4th position among the mAccording to the published results, we kept 4th position among the most important Virtualisation and Containerisiation providers. Moreover, we gained positions in categories of third party licenses #13, maintenance services #20, network hardware #22 and third party hardware #29.

We also scored high standings in categories of: biggest server providers #13, work station / personal computer / periphery #23, mass memory #25, security solutions providers #28 and also IT workers bodyleasing #34.

In the summary of the standings we took 16th place among the biggest IT solutions and services providers for the energy industry. We also gained positions in category of the biggest IT services and solutions providers for the healthcare sector in 2020 – 15th place and also for the public administration and uniformed services - #25. We took 33rd place among the biggest providers for the banking sector and 50th place among providers for the big companies and corporations sector where we increased our annual turnover by 38%. We also took 35th place among the biggest integration services providers which was our debut in that category.

The most recent IDG rating sums up the scores of the whole IT branch in 2020, which income equls 75 billion PLN (68 billion PLN last year). Such high score is a positive suprise considering an ongoing pandemic and inflation annual average rate of 3,2%. An important conclusion is that the pandemic sped up the digitalisation of many branches. An urge need of implementing changes became obvious and according to 60% of participants of Computerworld’s study - the rate of implementing changes will still be rising next year.

We also invite you to read an interview on what is the recent function of IT integrator, which was published in this year’s Computerworld TOP200 report.

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