ITSF on the ManageEngine Forum Online 2020 "IT Management Day" conference

Yesterday, „IT Management Day” conference took place. During the event, Artur Ziemiński - Project Management Director at ITSF presented a case study on the use of an intelligent tool created by Manage Enigne - Analytics Plus.

During the thirty-minute lecture, Artur presented some of the system capabilities, which allow one reciever to get reports from many sources.

In IT Solution Factor we use this software because of its advanced analytics and seamless integration with many IT applications. It also offers useful premade reports and dashboards. It allows data from different source files to be analysed in a few seconds.

Our company is focused on providing the highest level of services, so with the help of Analytics Plus we can build reports quicker using pre-processed data. Using all the possibilities of the tool, we present reports in various formats, personalized for our employees as well as individual clients.

After the speech, Artur answered some questions from participants during the Q&A session.

We would like to thank MWT Solutions for the opportunity to contribute and co-create the substantive layer of this event.

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