ITSF in a new ITWiz 100 Report

According to the IDC estimations, the overall value of polish ICT branch in 2020 rose up to 19,3 billion USD (75 billion PLN). The rise of over 5% is estimted for 2021 which means that overall market value of ICT branch will exceed 20 billion USD.

The ITWiz BEST 100 Report introduces us to many interesting conclusions like this. The 2021 edition contains ratings of manufacturers and IT solutions vendors present on polish market.

For the next consecutive year our company is present on the list of the biggest IT companies in Poland. This time, IT Solution Factor scored 40% better rating compared to the last year. Our best scores were: 10th place in "the rise of server sales in 2020", 11th place in "sales of security solutions", 12th place in "mass memory systems" and 13th place in "sales for healthcare sector".

We also scored a place among 20 best companies in terms of: sales for the energy sector and sales of maintenace and integration services. We also scored a rise of sales for various sectors in almost all of the categories.

The report was created by ITWiz Magazine together with a substantive partner: International Data Corporation IDC.

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