ITSF CUP 2021 - summary

A special event for the Polish IT sector took place last weekned. ITSF CUP 2021 was the first tennis tournament for the representatives of IT companies and IT departments of other sectors.

Despite autumn’s cloudy and rainy weather, the atmosphere was fuming with fierce rivalry and sports emotions. 16 participants decided to take part in this event. The tournament consisted of 25 matches played on 4 tennis courts. Participants not only fought for the win but also had a chance to talk to many interesting personas from IT sector and exchange their experiences.

„Every single one of the participants showed amazingly high level of skills which gifted us with many powerful serves and exciting exchanges. We are proud that our guests played with such passion and commitment.” – Mikołaj Wiśniak, IT Solution Factor CTO comments.

The grand final took place in the evening. The stake was high as the players fought for the main prize: two Roland Garros 2022 tournament day tickets. Piotr Saczuk from Suntech bacame the winner of ITSF CUP 2021 as he managed to defeat Dariusz Osiak from the Ministry of Finance IT Centre who took second place. Artur Wroński (IBM Poland) and Tomasz Rot (Barracuda Networks) managed to fight their way to semi finals which gave them 3rd place ex aequo.

We would like to congratulate all the participants who reached the podium. We would also like to thank all the players who took part in this extraordinary event and made it special thanks to their great skills.

See you next year!

The event took place in TENES tennis club near Warsaw and was covered by CRN Computer Reseller News Poland media patronage.

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