ITSF and Trend Micro on IT Security and Audit Forum #SEMAFOR

XV edition of IT Security and Audit Forum took place last week and was organised in sationary form by Computerworld by IDG. We became partners of the workshops of this event, together with our technological partner - Trend Micro. During the two days, participants were sharing their knowledge of the newest enterprise security solutions (cloud, on-premise and hybrid). On addition to that, they took part in workshops and speeches of the best #cybersecurity experts on Polish and international markets.

During the event, IT Solution Factor together with Trend Micro had a chance to organise workshops on how to build access to resources in a Zero Trust formula. Andrzej Bajcar and Paweł Kamiński, solution architects from ITSF were the speakers. Sales engineer - Joanna Dąbrowska was representing Trend Micro.

In the first part of workshops Joanna Dąbrowska and Andrzej Bajcar presented a theoretical scenario of a remote workstation compromisation and showed how to protect it. They also presented a proper way to design an access to resources based on Zero Trust formula. Speakers also talked about the threats remote workers have to face and instructed how to protect from them and how to observe them to ensure that the Zero Trust solution would allow companies to execute projects without issues in the future.

During the second part of the event, participants had a chance to see a Live Demo of mentioned solution. Session about security of organization’s assets was led by Trend Micro representative and Paweł Kamiński of ITSF. Speakers presented an automated mechanisms which are a part of Vision One Zero Trust.

Zero trust strategy of Trend Micro uses key features of Trend Micro Vision One allowing to look into the most broad XDR solution including cloud, networks, stations and SaaS aplications telemetry. Presented strategy meant to measure the level of security of end stations and users. Final conclusions could be valuable information for SOC teams who can make right decisions in case of threats.

During the event, participants actively took part in workshops, shared their thoughts and asked lots of questions about presented Zero Trust security solution. We would like to thank all of the participants for their contribution!

See You on the future events!

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