ITSF and Fortinet on Hack Summit 2022 – Conference summary

At the end of last week, Hack summit – one of the largest polish cybersecurity conferences took place. It was organized by Academic Partners and Cyberspace Defense Forces Component Command.

During two days of the event (13.10 online and 14.10 on site in Warsaw), there were several thematic paths and over 180 lectures planned.

Together with our technological partner Fortinet we became a Silver Sponsor of the event. It allowed us not only to take part in two lectures but also to welcome participants on our own stand and have many interesting converastions. On-site day on the National Stadium was a special opportunity for networking, meetings and also hearing lectures of well known cybersecurity experts, top IT experts from Poland and abroad and representatives of legislative bodies.

Issues from 25 thematic paths more or less related to security were discussed during the event:

  • from the protection of IT infrastructure, cloud infrastructure or applications,
  • through the methodology of conducting attacks from both the offensive, defensive and computer forensic side,
  • through the methodology of conducting attacks from both the offensive, defensive and computer forensic side,
  • Ending with the trends and technologies of tomorrow.

In this year’s edition of THS, Marcin Krzemieniewski (Security & Networking Presales & Implementation Director) and Andrzej Bajcar (Solutions Architect) of ITSF were among the lecturers. Maciej Iwanicki (Business Development Manager) and Tomasz Niewdana (Principal Systems Engineer) of Fortinet also conducted lectures.

Andrzej and Maciej conducted an interesting workshop on the new and underrated technology of honeypot which is and another line of defence angainst the most advanced cyber attacks. It also brings a high investigation value for Security Operations Centers. Marcin and Tomasz introduced participants with practical approach to a significant challenge to ensure security throughout the entire application lifecycle from design, through development and testing to the production phase.

We would like to thank the participants, our partner Fortinet, the organizers and our representatives for this valuable event.

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