ITechDay conference is behind us!

Thank you ITechDay for the conference which was another great opportunity to gather in one place all experts passionate about IT.

We observe that the issue of cyber security is getting more and more attention. During the last NATO summit in Warsaw cyberspace was qualified next to the land, sea, air and space as another combat field, however man made.

Naturally, the issue was addressed during the ITechDay. Honourable Patronage was taken by Ministry of Defense. A special guest, col. Karol Molenda, deputy to create an army to defend cyberspace, emphasized in his speech the importance of cooperation with private sector and efficient education. The speech given by Grzegorz Cebula, our expert, on SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) related to the topic and was greatly acclaimed by the audience.

We hope that we contributed to spreading knowledge about threats and available solutions. Definitely, it’s worth to find out how effectively our Security and Business Continuity engineers work!

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