IT Solution Factor – the main sponsor of KTS Weszło football club

Recently ITSF became the main sponsor of KTS Weszło football club.

KTS Weszło activity is devided into three main areas: football team, football academy for children and a sports centre. The team dominated A class and got promoted to the district league 5 matches before the end of the season. KTS Weszło is uniqe not only as a sports team but also in a business area. During the recent share emission crowdfunding campaign, 20% of a team was handed to the investors. The campaign raised 4,5 million zlotys which makes it the biggest crowdfunding campaign success in Poland. Shareholders were also given the real chance to take part in the decision making process in the key areas of club’s activity. Besides the successful football team, KTS Weszło plans to build a sports centre to house its academy of sports for the children and youth. That is an important aspect of club’s engagement and it matches IT Solution Factor’s CSR activity.

We believe that there’s nothing better to strengthen the team spirit than taking part in sport activities together. IT Solution Factor football team is successful in Elit League and a part of our team represents our company in IT Regatta. We also organise annual IT branch tennis tournament – ITSF CUP.

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