IT Solution Factor supports charity!

We are proud to have supported charity for years. CSR complements the implementation of our business strategy. In January we decided to sum up all the charity events we had an honour to participate in last year.

Brief summary of all our actions which contributed to the charity in 2020 is depicted below:

  • December 2020 - purchase of charity Christmas cards for the Children's Fantasy Foundation; 
  • November/December - we became a Social Investor and supported nationwide projects:  Noble Gift and Academy of the Future;
  • October - we supported the charity action Pajacyk by ordering company gadgets with our logo
  • October/November - we donated for the statutory purposes of the Sports Development Foundation; 
  • June - donation to the Mazovian Bródno Hospital in Warsaw. We supported the hospital to provide meals for its employees; 
  •  June - donation to Ergo SUM Foundation to fund of meals for those in need. 

We try to engage in pro publico bono and social responsibility activities and cosequently expand this area of our corporate identity.

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