IT Solution Factor consistently engages in CSR actions

In ITSF we actively promote not only our employees, solutions and services, but also sports, healthy lifestyle and helping others. Corporate Social Responsibility actions are one of main points of our identity and business strategy. As the winter is coming, we decided to provide help for children from foster homes located in Warsaw. We contacted 1st Warsaw’s Care and Educational Facilities Service Team and gifted them a pack of brand new clothes for children. In terms of our charitable actions we often decide to support initiatives which are meant to help children in need, because we believe that they will build our future. In previous years ITSF backed such actions like etc.:

  • Children’s Fantasy Foundation
  • Noble Package
  • Academy of the Future
  • Pajacyk Foundation
  • Sports’ Development Foundation
  • The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity
  • Wings For Life

It is important to help. Remember that the good comes back!

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