IT Solution Factor confirms its dynamic development in the new Computerworld TOP200 report

For another year in a row our company scored high positions in TOP200 report prepared by Computerworld. This year’s edition is a special one as Computerworld celebrates 30th anniversary of TOP200 report. It is also a special occasion for ITSF because this year marks our 5th anniversary on the market.

Thanks to the spectacular development of various projects in 2021, our general rating increased by 42%! It allowed us to be promoted by 17 places to #132 place among 367 largest IT companies in Poland.

We managed to keep high position among 5 largest virtualisation and containerisation providers. We also took #10 place on the list of the largest third party licensed software providers. We also got promoted on #33 place in the chart of integration services providers.

ITSF scored a great #13 position in categories of the largest server providers and largest IT solutions and services providers for healthcare sector. We were also classified on #20 place among maintenance services providers.

We achieved #22 place on the list of the largest networking solutions providers and largest work station, personal computers and peripherals providers. We were classified on #24 place among the largest third party hardware providers.

We were placed on #25 position in groups of the largest security solutions poviders and largest IT solutions providers for public administration and uniformed services.

Thanks to the impressive sales growth dynamics of 60% for the banking, we were placed on #28 position among the largest IT services and solutions providers for this sector. We also achieved a 16 place promotion in a group of the largest IT services and solutions providers for the finance and insurance sector which placed us on #40 position. We also achieved a place among 40 largest IT services and solutions providers for enterprise sector which meant a 9 place promotion compared to last year’s standings.

We would also like to encourage You to read an interview with Mikołaj Wiśniak, who talks about the future of cloud solutions and innovative trends such as Big Data, blockchain, machine learning and usage of microservices.

Chmura to przestrzeń innowacji - Computerworld

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