IT Solution Factor awarded by HPE once again!

Hewlett Packard Enterprise 2021 Partners Congresstook place yesterday in a virtual form. We are pleased to announce that during the event we officially joined a small group of HPE partners in Poland with the highest status of Platinum.

This title strengthens our position as a reliable supplier of this manufacutrer’s solutions. We also received an award in the Innovative Technology Achievements 2020 - The Cloud Comes to You!’ category. We were handed this particular award for our technologically advanced implementations for the banking sectorThis title is extremely valuable to us, as it confirms our great commercial commitment and the highest competence of our engineering staff. 

We would like to thank the entire ITSF team for their continuous professional commitment, which is appreciated not only by our customers but also our business partner. We hope that the new year will bring us further success in sales that will drive us to continue our development, and at the next congress we will meet in person. We would also like to congratulate all the winners!

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