Hybrid clouds - why is it a great solution for businesses?

Hybrid clouds are an innovative solution whose popularity in business is constantly growing. Owners of small and large organizations value the hybrid cloud environment for being able to adapt to stringent legal requirements. Sensitive data can be stored on-premises at all times while being accessible to applications running in the public cloud. Hybrid cloud is also unrivalled in terms of compute workloads. As the workload increases, we may temporarily add some private servers to the public cloud.

What are hybrid clouds?

A hybrid cloud is a type of IT infrastructure that combines at least one public cloud and one private cloud. A hybrid cloud environment streamlines the management and transfer of data and applications between resources stored in the public and private cloud. Hybrid cloud configuration uses the full potential of components installed in both types of cloud computing. A hybrid cloud for enterprise provides flexibility and a variety of available solutions that allow you to better manage your organization’s resources, balance your necessary expenses and solve problems faster.

What is the best cloud for a small business?

The use of hybrid cloud is not recommended only for large enterprises. A solution based on a hybrid cloud will work very well for small businesses, as it will allow you to optimize your infrastructure even more efficiently. A hybrid cloud for small businesses is also a future-proof solution that will save you a lot of unnecessary costs in the event of a surge in organizational demand. Hybrid clouds easily scale up and are able to handle any increase in demand. For periods of operation with reduced computing power, we can forgo additional resources without the need to maintain additional hardware.

Is cloud backup for businesses possible?

Using a hybrid cloud means not only lower infrastructure maintenance costs, but also lower losses associated with potential failures and downtime. Businesses using the hybrid cloud experience unexpected failures and other types of infrastructure downtime much more easily. The use of interconnected public and private environments in organizations ensures the continuity of operations of each company. Data recovery is also much easier with the ability to replicate resources between providers. The use of hybrid cloud ensures shorter downtime periods for your organisation. This translates directly into lower financial losses.

Are hybrid clouds surely safe?

Hybrid clouds used in companies ensure absolute security of data stored in them. The hybrid environment ensures that security policies are unified for all resources and that all applications are updated on an ongoing basis. Critical information is collected and stored securely on a local server, which may be additionally shielded by a firewall. Company-specific elements will be checked for risk tolerance prior to any allocation. Thanks to this, we do not have to worry that the key data for the functioning of the organization will not get out of the safe place.

Hybrid cloud is a modern solution that is recommended for any organization regardless of its size. Connecting a public and private cloud pays far more than expanding your infrastructure and maintaining unused resources on your own. In addition, migration to a hybrid cloud poses few problems. The transfer of data to the hybrid can be done gradually. By distributing workloads over time, your business can operate freely and use all available resources.

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