How to choose an IT Service Management (ITSM) system?

ITSM ManageEngine solutions help to improve management of key technical departments responsible for IT resources and customers service. The vendor’s offer consists of:

- helpdesk system ServiceDesk Plus, data analysis tool Analytics Plus,

- request management system SupportCenter Plus,

- assets management system IT AssetExplorer,

- request assessment system ServiceDesk Plus Quick Survey,

- documentation creating tool ServiceDesk Plus Resource Protocol,

- integration solution ServiceDesk Plus and Jira Software,

- self service portal ServiceDesk Plus SmartSelfService,

According to our expert – Artur Ziemiński, ServiceDesk Plus MSP is one of the best solutions for IT assets management services providers. It also offers a great value added for companies specialized in other types of IT services eg.: technical support or infrastructure monitoring.

IT Solution Factor specializes mainly in technical support in terms of service projects. Because of this we had a chance to test many tools available on the market. Considering all the pros and cons we decided to choose ManageEngine ITSM system. As the company grew, it needed new functionalities which were provided by the constantly developing ITSM system which allowed ITSF to keep high quality of services. Nowadays the system is being used for internal helpdesk requests as well as for a few hundred technical support contracts for the clients in central and western Europe. Our technicians work non stop, 7 days a week, serving thousands of customers every month.

We would like to invite you to check out an interesting conversation with Artur Ziemiński (Project Management Director w IT Solution Factor) and Oktawiasz Środa (Deputy Sales Director in MWT Solutions).

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