How does a VPN work for your company?

Are you planning to improve data security in your company? Well, you should find out how a VPN works for your company. The implementation of encrypted Internet connections will protect sensitive data from cybercriminals and... competition. How is that possible? Will the company VPN work when employees are performing tasks remotely? Read about it below in the article.

VPN – what is it? VPN is a term for a virtual private network. With a VPN, it is possible to establish an encrypted connection to the network or server. Data such as IP address, MAC address and location are implicit therefore potential cybercriminals do not have access to them. VPN comes in two basic variants: • VPN connection for private users who want to browse the network without leaving traces of their activity or access content blocked in their country of origin. • A corporate VPN that allows employees of an organization to securely access its resources. An encrypted VPN connection can be obtained by using built-in solutions, e.g. in a web browser. This option increases browsing security, but slightly compared to a dedicated application. VPN configuration in the company, carried out by specialists, is professional and effective.

Why is a company VPN needed? The weakest link in any system, even the most secure, is a man. Despite setting the strongest passwords, any user can accidentally expose the entire organization to data leaks by browsing unsecured pages or opening a dangerous attachment. Cybercriminals are also lurking for occasions where employees working outside the office use a remote desktop or gain access to a file server. The VPN configuration in the company completely encrypts communication within the organization and puts a barrier significantly hindering a hacker attack. How to implement a VPN for your company? To establish an encrypted connection at your company, you must first install a VPN server. Then establish individual logins for all users, so that they can access the company’s encrypted resources anywhere in the world. Any connection to your company’s network, even in locations with public Wi-Fi, will be completely secure and invisible to outsiders.

How does a corporate VPN protect your business? The obvious advantages of a VPN connection are: constant data protection and protection against spying. In addition, encryption of web activity has a number of other uses: • using a dedicated IP address, • access to a server enabling connection of multiple devices, • easier management of employee accounts, • connection security on any device (even not owned by the company). One of the frequently used possibilities of an encrypted connection is to watch the activities of competitors without leaving a trace. Browsing with a VPN enabled allows you to discreetly obtain (legal) information about the steps taken on the market by companies operating in the same industry. At the same time, using an encrypted connection, you protect yourself against illegal movements of third parties that would try to acquire sensitive data regarding your agreements with key contractors.

Corporate VPN – spending or saving? Is a VPN a technology that pays off, or just another expense that won’t bring tangible benefits? While there is no visible and measurable return on investment in security, minimizing the risk of data leaks and disillusioned customers brings significant savings that can be spent on new projects. Installing a VPN in your company is not an investment that requires significant financial outlay. All you need to do is set up an encrypted connection with a server and software that will monitor user activity and alert administrators in case of suspicious activity that could compromise data security.

To minimize the cost of hiring and training staff solely responsible for maintaining a VPN, contact ITSF. Experienced specialists will quickly and efficiently set up an encrypted connection for any number of users. If necessary, they will be delighted to advise you on other types of corporate security (https://itsf.com.pl/oferta/security-business/) and propose the best and most cost-effective solutions tailored to your business.

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